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Key Elements

Website re-design
Tiata Fahodzi


Tiata Fahodzi is a theatre company championing stories that illuminate the mixed, multiple-experience of what it is to be of African heritage in Britain today.

Seeking a new direction, the company approached us to transform their website from a tool for selling tickets into a cultural hub that drives conversation. But after checking under the hood of their existing site, we saw an opportunity to not just redesign the front, but restructure their publishing workflow.

Our Solution

After reviewing Tiata’s brand guides, we discovered fresh materials to use that would easily breathe new life into the site, increase appeal to younger visitors as well as mark a new chapter in Tiata’s journey without stepping away from the brand.

Tiata’s site was not small, it had been running for many years and as such had a legacy of blog posts, archives of project and production pages, as well as databases of staff, cast and crew members over the years which all needed preserving or transferring.

But once we familiarising ourselves with the existing site, front and back, we were confident we could reinvent the functionality of the site from ground up to deliver a streamlined, self-explanatory management experience to make the team’s lives significantly easier and workload lighter.

Original homepage (left) with re-designed site (right) using new combinations of brand colours and patterns to breathe new life into the site

Frontend Design

  • A complete redesign of the site from top to toe 
  • Consolidated blog into fewer categories for readers to understand
  • Truly responsive pages and functionality across multiple devices
  • Better navigation including new ability to search archives

Backend functionality

  • Faster loading, more stable hosting, automatic back ups
  • Streamlined, simplified publishing workflows making everything quicker and easier to do
  • Relabelled and structured backend making everything easier to find and manage
  • Clear labelling of all new admin features with clear tooltips and descriptions
Live training session with all staff on how to operate new site