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Key Elements

AV support
Project management
In a Different Light
Autograph ABP

In a Different Light was an ambitious archive acquisitions project a year in the making. Generating hours of content, it became an educational resource for future generations of artists, archivists and researchers, preserving culturally and historically significant works in perpetuity and comprehensively documenting the process from every angle along the way.


An established gallery based in Shoreditch, London, Autograph’s mission is to explore identity, representation, human rights and social justice through photography and film. In a Different Light sought to acquire culturally significant works that captured an era crucial to the development of Black communities across London.

We were instrumental in executing key parts of this complicated endeavour, producing a vast bank of interviews and tutorials for future generations of artists and archivists to learn about the artists, the era, and crucially, the process of accessing and contributing to archives themselves.

Working with the artists and industry experts and professionals from bodies such as Magnum and The Photographers’ Gallery we planned, shot and edited a comprehensive body of educational resources detailing the various aspects of the acquisitions process with specialist insight from professionals across the whole industry gamut.

In supporting Autograph across the whole project from start to finish, we produced:

  • 53 finished individual videos
  • 20+ hours of raw footage reviewed
  • 17 interviews captured
  • 7 artists included
  • Over 5 hours of finished footage, taking
  • 1 year start to finish to shoot and edit