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Key Elements

Brand Management
Brand Toolkit
The Royal Foundation


With a suite of charities under its wing, The Royal Foundation’s Marcomms team asked to find a way to help them manage a growing number of brand identities over multiple organisations.

The team was stretched and currently brand management was dispersed across the organisation, with smaller charities having little experience of brand management.

We saw an opportunity to revolutionise the way they worked with their brands, saving them time, streamlining workflow and centralising control – The Brand Toolkit.

The Brand Toolkit

A set of tools designed to centralise storage and control of all brand assets, guides and materials, giving Marcomms complete gatekeeping ability, at the same time as raising brand literacy across all charities.

The Toolkit consisted of two parts.

The Brand Tookit Book – We put together a universal guide, applicable across all brands to raise brand literacy and introduce robust guides, templates, best-practices and workflows that placed Marcomms at the heart of it all decision-making processes. 

A Digital Assets Manager – Introducing a new and centralised way of storing and monitoring all brand assets from a single centralised place, giving them complete control of who can access what. Using the DAM not gave complete control to the central Marcomms team, it streamlined approvals, and was a distribution hub for the Brand Toolkit Book itself.